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Dr. Brown speaks internationally on cervical spine manipulation, cervical artery dissection and stroke. He is the world’s leading expert on this topic. Brown’s presentations are relevant for any profession performing cervical spine manipulation, including DCs, DOs, MDs, PTs, and NMDs. He also presents this information to plaintiff and defense malpractice attorney organizations. His presentations on this topic are the highlight of any conference on chiropractic, neurology, stroke, or medical malpractice.


October 12-14, 2023 Oak Brook, Illinois

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 May 6-7, 2024 Bangkok, Thailand

Expert Witness Gilbert AZ Speaking

May 13-14, 2024

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Upcoming Presentations

University of Bridgeport Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Symposium

August 2-4, 2024
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Chiropractor Gilbert AZ Steven Brown August Symposium

American College of Chiropractic Consultants Annual Conference

September 26-28, 2024
Oak Brook, Illinois

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