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Dr. Brown speaks nationally on cervical spine manipulation, cervical artery dissection and stroke. This topic is controversial; however, all presentations are extensively referenced with research. Dr. Brown’s presentations are relevant for any profession performing cervical spine manipulation, including DCs, DOs, MDs, PTs, and NMDs. He also presents this information to plaintiff and defense malpractice attorney organizations. His presentations on this topic are the highlight of any conference on chiropractic, neurology, stroke, or medical malpractice.

You can see Dr. Brown’s published research on this topic: CLICK HERE

Dr. Brown’s Most Requested Presentations:

Cervical Spine Manipulation & Cervical Artery Dissection
Dr. Brown reviews the literature which shows no convincing evidence that cervical spine manipulation can cause cervical artery dissection. Interestingly, the most important research on this topic comes from the neurology profession. An eye-opening presentation which has significant implications for medicolegal cases.

Cervical Spine Manipulation & Stroke
There are hundreds of case reports of stroke immediately following cervical spine manipulation. There are more cases in the news that never get published as case reports. Most medical and legal professionals are unaware of all but a few of these cases. This presentation never fails to raise the awareness of immediate post-manipulative stroke.

Plausible Mechanisms of Causation of Immediate Stroke by Cervical Spine Manipulation
Dr. Brown’s most popular, and controversial, presentation. There are plausible mechanisms by which cervical spine manipulation can cause immediate stroke from researchers in chiropractic, neurology, and physiotherapy. Dr. Brown presents these mechanisms of causation in an engaging way with research references and case reports to back up his conclusions. Relevant information for medical and legal professionals.

Clinical & Medicolegal Implications
Maybe even more popular than the previous presentation. Acknowledging that mechanisms of causation of immediate stroke by cervical spine manipulation do exist, what are the clinical and medicolegal implications for the standard of care for physicians performing cervical spine manipulation? How should plaintiff and defense attorneys approach these cases? Dr. Brown discusses research from chiropractic, physiotherapy, and neurology professions on this topic.

Medicolegal Analysis of the 2008 & 2017 Cassidy Studies
An analysis of the two most well-known epidemiological studies on the relationship of cervical spine manipulation and stroke. These two landmark studies are misunderstood by most medical and legal professionals. Dr. Brown’s presentation is eye-opening for all physicians and attorneys in attendance.


October 12-14, 2023 Oak Brook, Illinois

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Expert Witness Gilbert AZ Speaking

May 13-14, 2024

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