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Dr. Brown is the world’s leading expert on cervical spine manipulation, cervical artery dissection and stroke, with published research and deposition and trial experience. As a chiropractic expert witness, he provides impartial and evidence-based opinions on cases involving spinal manipulation, vertebral artery dissection, internal carotid artery dissection, stroke, disc injury, spinal cord injury, cauda equina syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and pneumothorax.

Dr. Brown works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys to assess the standard of care, causation, damages, and liability. With over 29 years of clinical experience, Dr. Brown has a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pathology of the spine and related structures. He also has extensive experience in conference speaking. His mission is to educate, inform, and assist the legal community and the public on the benefits and risks of chiropractic care.

Dr. Brown is also available for Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and medical file review.